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Five Informative Text Messages For Patient Communication


Communicating important information to patients is a vital part of great medical care. Calling multiple patients on the phone takes time, ties up office staff, and can be inconvenient for patients. In some instances, communicating...

Young nurse answering phone call while working on desktop PC at reception desk in hospital.

Featured Articles

What is Experience Management?


Experience management means monitoring, analyzing and improving patient interactions within a practice. This typically includes patients, staff, leadership and other stakeholders. Monitoring patients' views of a healthcare provider and the emotions they may have during...

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Doctor utilizing a medical virtual receptionist at the clinic

Enhancing Patient Care with Cutting-Edge Technology: The Medical Virtual Receptionist


In an era when technology is rapidly transforming the healthcare landscape, maintaining the delicate balance between patient ...

Female doctor wearing headset provides automated medical answering services

Automated Medical Answering Services: Your Practice’s Vital Communication Upgrade


In the fast-paced healthcare industry, where quick, life-altering decisions are crucial, effective communication is essential. Ensuring 24/7 ...

Doctor scheduling patient appointment via virtual receptionist

Streamlining Care: How a Medical Virtual Receptionist Boosts Efficiency in Patient Services


Offering comprehensive patient services while maximizing efficiency is a perpetual challenge for medical offices, healthcare centers, and ...

Doctor scheduling appointment via medical answering service

Revolutionizing Healthcare Support: The Essential Role of 24/7 Medical Phone Answering Service in Patient Care


In a world where health concerns and questions can arise at any time, the need for accessible ...


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