Doctor discussing medical condition with patient.

Patient Outreach Services

Proactive patient communications are becoming increasingly important in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. That means reminding patients of screenings or tests, informing them of upcoming flu-shot clinics, or surveying them to determine how you might enhance their experience. This outreach can often be time-consuming and resource-draining to a healthcare organization. The Patient Outreach solution by notifyMD® is specifically tailored to the needs of providers and healthcare organizations to help you achieve solid, quantifiable results.

There are many opportunities to communicate critical information to patients and providers, and these types of tasks don’t always have to be burdened on the physician staff. Our team of healthcare virtual receptionists can take on that burden and reach out to patients on your behalf. Communication is crucial to effective patient care and disease management, which also has the opportunity to improve quality and minimize potential waste in cost and time of repeat visits.

Doctor consulting and discussing with patients.

Benefits of Patient Outreach Services

Patient outreach services administered via live voice or through automated solutions are specifically tailored to the needs of the providers to:

  • Remind patients of an upcoming screening or test with necessary pre-appointment planning via automated appointment reminders.
  • Promote upcoming flu-shot clinics or health events with the ability to directly connect back to the practice or notifyMD® contact center for patient scheduling.
  • Encourage participation and registration in the patient portal to help meet meaningful use objectives.
  • Survey patients for feedback on clinical or operational improvement opportunities or service recovery.

Enjoy new flexibility and better serve your patients by ensuring they follow up on recommended screenings with notifyMD®’s HIPAA-compliant virtual receptionists and patient outreach services.

  • Patients stay informed about ways they can improve their health.
  • Regular contact with their doctors lets them know their doctors care about their health and well-being.
  • All information gathered is confidential with HIPAA-compliant virtual receptionists.

  • Staff is free to focus on patients in the office rather than trying to squeeze in a few minutes here and there to make outreach calls.
  • Patients can be contacted at a time that’s convenient for them.
  • Staff can field incoming calls to schedule appointments.

  • Increased appointments for recommended screenings or wellness initiatives.
  • Updated patient information helps maintain satisfaction and loyalty, reducing patient turnover.
  • Customized programs help meet your patient communication needs.
  • Patients’ feedback helps you stay current and make changes to suit their needs.

Gain the flexibility to adjust your practice to better serve your patients with notifyMD®’s medical answering service and patient outreach solutions.