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Remote Switchboard Services

Extend your office hours to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year without adding staff! State-of-the-art technology combined with superior customer service allows notifyMD® to deliver efficient healthcare answering services when your staff is unavailable to answer calls. And because our services are completely customizable to your organization, patients will be confident that they are talking directly to a member of your staff.

Incoming patient calls to a hospital switchboard can oftentimes be the first impression of the facility or personnel. Each patient interaction can shape the overall patient experience, starting with the first phone call. High call abandonment, patient complaints, and inconsistencies in hospital brand representation and protocols can prove detrimental to patient and family loyalty and satisfaction.

Switchboard services can connect hospitals to their affiliated physicians and can be leveraged on an overflow capacity as the first line of patient call intake or after-hours.

Doctor discussing medical condition with patients during examination.

Benefits of notifyMD® Remote Switchboard Services

Hospital switchboard services through notifyMD® improve call management efficiencies and put patient and family experiences at the forefront of each compassionate interaction with our medical virtual receptionists.

  • Efficiency in medical answering services means calls are answered quickly and routed to the appropriate department or personnel in a seamless transaction.
  • Consistency in call center management and performance monitoring ensures protocols are followed, calls are answered compassionately by notifyMD® Care Coordinators, and hospital administrators can focus solely on their facility responsibilities.
  • Daily performance reports track call volume and other pertinent statistics for benchmarking and executive reporting, coupled with regularly scheduled performance meetings, brings accountability to the partnership and keep quality and key performance indicators top-of-mind.

  • Patients can contact your office and receive important information anytime, day or night.
  • Our custom-designed healthcare answering services make your patients feel as though they are talking directly to your staff.
  • Patients are assured that you are always there for them.

  • Less overtime and more flexible schedules mean less stress.
  • The latest call-routing software monitors calls and voicemails and delivers them securely to your email with help from our HIPAA-compliant virtual receptionists.
  • Every call is answered, and every patient is served, even as call volumes increase.

  • Ease staffing requirements and coverage issues.
  • Reduce potential liability. All calls are recorded and documented.
  • Services can be customized to your needs, whether overflow, after-hours only, or as a full-time, front-line solution.

Improve patient access and response times with notifyMD®’s medical answering services and Switchboard operations.