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What is Experience Management?




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Mar 23, 2023


Experience management means monitoring, analyzing and improving patient interactions within a practice. This typically includes patients, staff, leadership and other stakeholders. Monitoring patients’ views of a healthcare provider and the emotions they may have during or after their care, allows us to understand and predict patients’ needs. With this information, we can create high-performing, effective and affordable care plans to address their health.

As a whole, healthcare systems use analytical tools and surveys in both quantitative and qualitative ways to improve the patient experience and outcomes. notifyMD®‘s patient experience program listens to and acts upon patient input across all channels to achieve results for both your patients and your practice’s business.

notifyMD® provides proprietary software and analytics that allows access to

  • Account analytics 24 hours a day 
  • Real-time call answering monitoring 
  • Monitor call volume by day and month
  • Detailed diagnostic reporting
  • Analyze and quantify response times
  • Boost office productivity and accountability
  • Analyze call volume by department or revenue center

What Do We Offer?

Patients today expect healthcare providers to understand them as individuals, listen to them, be easily reachable and respond promptly to their communication. Patients now have more options than ever to choose their healthcare provider.

notifyMD® provides healthcare communication solutions, including medical answering services that combine the human touch with advanced technology. This produces a singular experience where every call is handled empathetically and professionally, with careful consideration for your patients’ needs.

For an all-inclusive customer support solution, notifyMD® uses a proprietary call-handling platform called ECHO that was conceived and created by notifyMD®. The software platform guides the virtual assistants logically through calls.

To ensure the notifyMD® system has complete downtime protection, the strong infrastructure relies on the most advanced telephony technologies. notifyMD®‘s operational and disaster recovery capabilities rely on the data interconnectivity of the architecture and VOIP capability. This allows notifyMD® to have almost unlimited control over each call, including tracking and routing across contact centers.

Whether it’s a single office or a hospital network, we can offer any type of healthcare answering service and patient access solutions– daily, on-demand or after hours. The notifyMD® receptionist acts as a capable and accommodating extension of your staff.

On occasion, patient calls and visits increase without additional staff or resources to help the clinic. This new patient growth can lead to inconsistent service and decreased satisfaction for both staff and patients. Working with notifyMD®‘s healthcare answering services can help you run a more productive office resulting in more booked appointments and higher revenue.

notifyMD®‘s outsourced appointment scheduling boosts operational efficiency and patient access. By scheduling appointments and ensuring they are kept, you can guarantee that each patient engagement operates to the highest professional standard – this will inspire confidence in your patients.

Who Benefits Most from Our Services?

notifyMD® provides healthcare answering services to the solo practitioner to the largest healthcare organizations and everything in between. This includes ambulatory urgent care, imaging, multi-specialty medical groups and more. notifyMD®‘s health answering services can improve communication and satisfaction among office personnel and patients by addressing pain points caused by increased call volumes. Plus, it is HIPAA compliant.

For thousands of medical offices wishing to enhance staff quality of life while assuring great patient interactions, notifyMD® handles physician calendars and appointment reminders as well.

Streamlining interactions with notifyMD®‘s answering and switchboard services can create a positive patient experience and eliminate appointment scheduling difficulties. Our friendly, live virtual assistants handle all scheduling tasks and can switch between multiple scheduling programs from a single location.

notifyMD® is ready to assist medical offices in overcoming the difficulties of patients getting in touch during regular business hours and beyond. While the notifyMD® app also facilitates easy and secure messages between physicians and physicians and the medical office staff. 

With notifyMD®‘s app, you’re always in charge and can decide when and how to intervene. The app’s extensive capabilities help you manage your business and notifyMD® receptionist service.

notifyMD® puts patients and their experiences at the center of every encounter, which can enhance a healthcare practice or organization’s brand. With every interaction, notifyMD® can help to create a positive brand experience, ultimately enhancing the public’s view of the brand.

For more information on notifyMD® services or app, call 1-844-notify or get a free trial here.


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