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About Us

Connecting patients and physicians. One call at a time.

We are NotifyMD

Since 1986, NotifyMD has worked with healthcare providers to help them overcome patient communication difficulties. Throughout the years, our understanding of the particular challenges facing healthcare providers has deepened, and that knowledge has helped us expand our services to healthcare providers across the U.S.

In a consumer-driven healthcare environment where patient satisfaction is key, NotifyMD is helping healthcare providers not only stay on top, but also go beyond what their patients expect.

About NotifyMD

NotifyMD has invested in the infrastructure, technology and people to provide world-class services for healthcare providers. We are a leader in critical and custom services for business and healthcare organizations.

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At NotifyMD, we are focused on connecting patients to healthcare providers. As a company, we are committed to positive patient-provider interactions and enhanced experiences, which both improve clinical outcomes for patients and operational efficiencies for physicians. Our communication solutions are simple to implement, and they offer real-time improvement in expanding access to care – without straining in-house office staff resources. Acting as an extension of the physician practice brand, our care coordinators care as much about patient and physician satisfaction as you do.

Our Mission

We provide healthcare communication solutions that combine a human touch and the appropriate technology to create a unique experience for our clients and their patients.

Our Promise

NotifyMD vows to handle every call with as much attention to detail and dedication as our customers would.

Our People

The unique specifications of our clients requires our people to be highly skilled to interact with your patients as seamlessly as possible.

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How Are They Trained

Our Care Coordinators undergo classroom training to orient them to medical terminology, call management in the context of patient care, physician practice and healthcare organization protocols, and the technical attributes of every solution NotifyMD provides.

Each Care Coordinator undergoes floor training in a live environment. Training is an ongoing process and includes live audio recordings played back to quality assurance representatives.

Benefits of Using NotifyMD Call Centers

  • Access the latest telecommunications technology for your patients and staff without having to invest in costly software or hardware.
  • Your data is secure using our advanced data encryption tools.
  • You have stability in an emergency with our redundant communication networks for back up.
  • No matter how your practice or healthcare organization grows, you have scalability with more than 400 Care Coordinators.

Call Center Technology

Our robust infrastructure relies on the highest level of telephony technology to serve your system with total downtime protection. The data interconnectivity of the architecture and VOIP capability give NotifyMD virtually limitless control over each call, including tracking and routing between call centers, and are critical elements of NotifyMD operational and disaster recovery capability.

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