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Our People

100% U.S.-BASED &

NotifyMD has more than 30 years of experience providing excellent service and care on behalf of medical professionals across the U.S. With this much experience, you could say it’s in our DNA, and we know what it takes to ensure that you have positive patient-provider interactions. We are employee-owned, which means each of our team members has a vested interest in ensuring you are getting the latest and greatest in technological innovation to keep up with an ever-evolving medical field. Our real-time solutions allow expansion to the care you provide without straining in-house office staff resources.

  • 24/7 Access to your Account Analytics
  • Monitor call answering activity in real-time
  • Track call volume by day and month
  • Diagnostic detailed reporting
  • Review and measure response times
  • Enhance office accountability and productivity
  • Evaluate call volume by department or profit center
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We provide healthcare communication solutions that combine a human touch and best-in-class technology to create a unique experience for our clients and their patients.


We’ll handle every call with the attentive care your patients need and the dedicated expertise your practice demands.


For over twenty years, NotifyMD has worked with healthcare providers to help them overcome patient communication difficulties. Throughout the years, our understanding of the particular challenges facing healthcare providers has deepened, and that knowledge has helped us expand our services to healthcare providers across the U.S.

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NOTIFYMD utilizes a proprietary call-handling platform called ECHO which was designed and written by NOTIFYMD to ensure our customers do not have to rely on software vendors for account-driven enhancements. Our software platform is a robust call-handling application that guides our live agents logically through the call for a professional, comprehensive customer support solution.

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Call Center


Our robust infrastructure relies on the highest level of telephony technology to serve your system with total downtime protection. The data interconnectivity of the architecture and VOIP capability give NotifyMD virtually limitless control over each call, including tracking and routing between call centers, and are critical elements of NotifyMD operational and disaster recovery capability.