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Sep 21, 2023


notifyMD®, a leading provider of healthcare solutions, is proud to announce our achievement as the first telephone answering service to receive the globally recognized HITRUST Certification. Our firm dedication to maintaining the highest security and privacy standards for sensitive healthcare data is prominently showcased through this significant certification. Safeguarding patient privacy and upholding data integrity are integral to our mission. It also serves as a proud testament to our full compliance with the rigorous HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF). The framework integrates security, privacy, and regulatory prerequisites specific to healthcare, drawing from HIPAA, PCI, and NIST. This institutes a unified security foundation.

Prioritizing Healthcare Data Security

To secure this esteemed certification, notifyMD® undertook a comprehensive Two-Year R2 Validated Assessment. The assessment called for a detailed review of our security controls and practices. This made certain that notifyMD® adhered to widely accepted security standards and effectively completed all the essential compliance tasks.

Committing to Protecting Patient Privacy

While both HITRUST and HIPAA are important in protecting healthcare information, they serve different purposes and have different attributes. Organizations dealing with protected health information (PHI) must comply with HIPAA regulations. HIPAA, which stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, comprises a collection of federal regulations in the United States that give directives for the management of PHI.

On the other hand, the Health Information Trust Alliance, commonly known as HITRUST, is an organization that provides a certifiable framework (CSF) for organizations to satisfy multiple regulatory standards, including HIPAA. HITRUST is not a legal requirement, but rather an industry-driven framework designed to meet the needs of all organizations, regardless of size, complexity, and degree of risk.

While HIPAA is a set of regulations that organizations must comply with, HITRUST CSF is a robust, certifiable security framework that helps organizations achieve compliance with HIPAA and other regulations.

Building Trust in Healthcare with HITRUST Certification

For medical practices, utilizing a HITRUST-certified telephone answering service is crucial for several reasons. First and foremost, it ensures the highest level of protection for patient information. Given the increasing cyber risks, ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive health information is of utmost importance. A HITRUST-certified answering service such as notifyMD® adheres to rigorous standards, assuring that the service will handle, store, and transmit data in a manner that meets the strictest security protocols.

The HITRUST certification demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement in data security. This is vital in a climate where regulatory requirements and security threats are constant.

A HITRUST-certified telephone answering service can support medical practices in meeting their compliance obligations under HIPAA and other regulations. Through collaborating with a HITRUST-certified vendor, medical practices can showcase their commitment to diligently safeguarding patient health information and potentially reducing their exposure to liability in the event of a data breach.

Securing Healthcare Communication

notifyMD® understands patient privacy’s vital role and prioritizes necessary actions to protect sensitive data. With the HITRUST Certification to our credit, our clients can have heightened assurance in our capabilities to secure their vital medical information. notifyMD® values the trust customers have in us and takes responsibility for protecting their sensitive data. notifyMD® takes pride in going beyond being a service.

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