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Apr 20, 2023


For healthcare providers, efficient communication with patients and colleagues is essential to ensure quality patient care and positive outcomes. However, with HIPAA regulations, it can be challenging to find a secure communication platform that meets all the needs of a healthcare provider. This is where notifyMD® comes in – a HIPAA compliant app and answering service for a medical office that allows for efficient and secure communication and collaboration.

notifyMD® is HIPAA compliant and soon to be HITRUST certified, ensuring that all patient information shared is secure and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

For medical practices that require bilingual support, notifyMD® offers Spanish support in-house at no added fee, as well as a translation line for all other language needs. This ensures that language barriers do not hinder effective communication and patient care.

While text and email are not HIPAA compliant, notifyMD®‘s secure app enables users to communicate with colleagues while remaining in compliance. The app also offers a great deal of functionality and customization for physicians and their staff, allowing for efficient and effective communication.

If a healthcare provider is driving and unable to call a patient back, they can simply send a message with a directive to notifyMD®‘s dispatchers via the app. This ensures that patient care is not hindered by the provider’s inability to make a phone call.

notifyMD® offers multiple notification options that ensure healthcare professionals are aware of incoming messages without being unnecessarily disturbed. Additionally, providers can message their team directly from the app via the secure chat feature, allowing for efficient communication within the practice’s staff.

For healthcare providers who need to consult with a colleague while remaining HIPAA compliant, notifyMD®‘s app allows for direct communication via secure chat with any provider within the group on the app. This includes HIPAA compliant file sharing, ensuring that sensitive patient information is kept secure.

notifyMD®‘s app also allows users to block their number automatically, selectively or never. Additionally, if a healthcare provider number is blocked and they want to ensure that a patient will answer, notifyMD® can add a closing line for the caller that informs them that the message will be delivered to the on-call provider immediately and instructs them on how to remove the Caller ID block.

In summary, notifyMD® is an all-in-one secure HIPAA compliant app that offers efficient communication and collaboration for healthcare providers as well as a medical answering service company. It ensures that your patients’ PHI is protected, and our user-friendly software makes it easy to manage patient communications from one centralized platform. notifyMD® is a reliable virtual answering service app that healthcare providers can trust to manage patient communications efficiently and effectively. With its secure messaging, direct chat feature, and the ability to block or unblock phone numbers, notifyMD® offers healthcare providers the ability to provide quality patient care and positive patient outcomes. Our competitive pricing and flexible month-to-month contract terms, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best value for your money.

Try notifyMD® today and experience a new level of efficient communication and collaboration to help streamline patient communications at your medical practice.


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