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Dental Phone Answering Service Excellence: What Makes Us Different?




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May 31, 2024


The Essential Role of a Phone Answering Service in the Dental Industry

In today’s fast-paced world, dental practices need excellent communication to provide great patient care and stay competitive. A reliable phone answering service is crucial for handling inquiries, scheduling appointments, and addressing urgent issues quickly.

notifyMD® offers specialized dental answering services to enhance patient experience, improve office efficiency, and provide peace of mind. In this blog post, we’ll explore dental office phone support needs, highlight our unique services, and address common questions from dentists and office managers.

For more information on streamlining care with a medical virtual receptionist, read our blog on automated medical answering services.

notifyMD®’s Dental Phone Answering Service

At notifyMD®, we offer:

  • Patient Outreach: Proactive communication strategies to keep patients informed about upcoming appointments, follow-ups, and health reminders, ensuring continuous engagement and care.
  • notifyMD® App: A user-friendly mobile application that allows dental professionals to manage and monitor calls, messages, and schedules in real-time from any location.
  • Switchboard Services: Professional management of high call volumes with live virtual receptionists.

Views of Excellence

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our service. We prioritize security, reliability, and patient satisfaction, ensuring that your practice runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • HITRUST Certification: notifyMD® is the first telephone answering service to achieve HITRUST Certification, reflecting our dedication to maintaining the highest level of security and privacy for clients’ sensitive healthcare information.
  • Experienced Receptionists: Our receptionists are trained in healthcare patient communications and follow call scripts that match your unique practice protocols.

3. Integration and Accessibility

We offer seamless integration with popular practice management platforms, ensuring that our services complement your existing workflows. Additionally, our notifyMD® app provides a convenient way to manage receptionist services on the go, with features such as creating contacts, viewing message details, setting reminders, and tracking account usage.

4. Customized Solutions

Our services are tailored to suit the specific needs of your dental practice. From customizing call scripts to managing high call volumes during peak hours, nights, weekends, and holidays, we ensure that your patients receive consistent and exceptional care.

FAQ: Addressing Common Questions and Concerns from Dentists and Office Managers

What sets notifyMD® apart from other dental phone answering services?

notifyMD® offers a comprehensive suite of services, HITRUST Certification, experienced virtual receptionists, secure messaging, and seamless integration with practice management software.

How does notifyMD® ensure HIPAA compliance?

With HITRUST Certification, secure messaging, and robust data protection, notifyMD® keeps patient information confidential and HIPAA compliant.

Can notifyMD® handle high call volumes during peak hours?

Yes, our switchboard services and automated solutions efficiently manage high call volumes, maintaining quality patient interactions.

How does notifyMD® improve patient experience?

Our empathetic virtual receptionists ensure patients feel valued, with efficient scheduling and prompt handling of urgent matters enhancing the overall experience.

What support does notifyMD® offer for dental emergencies?

Our dental emergency answering service ensures that receptionists quickly identify and escalate urgent calls for immediate attention.

How can I integrate notifyMD® services with my practice management software?

We provide seamless integration with popular platforms and a convenient mobile app for managing receptionist services on the go.

If you’re a dentist or dental office manager looking to elevate your practice with reliable and professional phone answering services, look no further than notifyMD®. Our commitment to excellence, secure solutions, and experienced receptionists make us the ideal partner for your dental practice.

Contact us today to learn more by calling 1-844-8-NOTIFY or start a free trial. 


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