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Elevate Your Patient Communication Strategy

Close Patient Communication Gaps with Automated IVR Solutions

Lady Doctor checking message on his mobile at his clinic

Automated patient communication solutions through NotifyMD are easy to implement and offer real-time improvement in patient appointment compliance and preparedness, capturing office revenue, managing patient populations and increasing patient and staff satisfaction without straining internal office resources. These easy to use and patient-friendly IVR solutions enable callers to get the information they need and even empower them to direct their call to the proper person or department.

Minimize the cost of call handling and streamline the caller experience with automated interactive voice response solutions from NotifyMD

NotifyMD interactive voice response (IVR) technology has been developed to give callers an automated call experience where they are presented with a series of questions and prompts that guides them down the correct path. Based on their responses, the IVR system dynamically responds by answering simple questions, continuing the path of questions in order to refine the result, or it brings in a live representative when necessary.

Many healthcare organizations suffer through insufficient call handling processes, because implementing a new system can be daunting. Here at NotifyMD, we know change is often difficult, but we strive to make it easy for you! While our automated IVR system is powerful, we ensure it isn’t complicated. We do the heavy lifting and work with you every step of the way to customize an ideal automated response system that allows callers to interact, get the information they need, and end the call on a satisfied note.

Doctor checking message on his mobile at his clinic

On Hold Messaging

If we’re answering your phones, we never put a caller on hold. However, we understand that sometimes your organization must use holds as a necessary part of the communication process. So why not make holds work for you AND your callers?

Customized On Hold Messaging
raises awareness and drives action to schedule new office services, promote a new practice physician, or communicate new office hours, locations, or contact information. Our solutions include the capabilities to incorporate powerful on hold messages that help you accomplish your goals.

Make the most of every call in a cost-effective manner with NotifyMD automated solutions.

Each interaction with a patient is an opportunity to promote the practice or programs that can drive wellness and prevention, further growing patient awareness and involvement in their care. Automated patient communication solutions through NotifyMD are easy to implement and offer real-time improvement in expanding access to care without straining office staff resources. Close the gaps in your patient communication initiatives with IVR automated solutions through NotifyMD.


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